The mommy perfume! Ohh la la!

Have you ever wonder how they make perfumes. It’s a bunch of people in a room picking scents from jars and putting them together. Well for me mommy perfume is a mix of all of the smells that come from your child that inevitably land on you. A couple of weeks ago as I showered I wonder if it wasn’t better just to “baby wipe” myself as I knew the moment I come out of the shower something dirty was going to land on me and make smell “special” And the thought didn’t fail. As I got ready and got the baby out of the crib he spit up all over me… my shirt, my hair, neck down to my boobs. Of course now he’s awake and so is the other one so I can’t possibly go take another shower, so I, of course, use the baby wipes. Most moms out there can agree that for some reason the scent of spit up vomit is not even a little bit mask by baby wipes!

So out I go out smelling of spit up covered up by baby wipes.

Spit up is not the only smell that ends up on mom. You also have poop. This one can end up anywhere from your hands to your face. Almost like that Sex and the City episode, where Miranda ends up with a poop stain on her forehead from a diaper change and Steve is just making fun of her. Well this happens in real life!! There is really no way to prevent it except for not doing it at all.

The third smell is a bit more “subtle” is the booger smell. If you haven’t noticed yet, smell a bit harder next time! Boogies have a life of their own, not only do they end up everywhere on your kids, they also end up on your face, your hair, clothes, hands, whatever they can find to “clean themselves”. It is interesting that some women, including myself, long for these smells before we have kids and then they come and then we don’t really like them that much.

But as I sat in vomit last night, I kind of realized that the reason we don’t like the smells is because 2 out of 3 of them signal that your baby isn’t feeling well. That something is bothering them and you can’t fix it, the only thing you can do is suck it up, clean the mess and give your child as much love as they need. And that is what I did. As Gavin vomited all over mommy last night (2 nights in a row) I took my clothes off in the living room where he vomit, sat on the couch and just hugged him until he fell asleep in my arms. And he slept so good! (I wonder, how we’re supposed to “take care of our husbands” when they come home and we smell of vomit and poop and have boogers in our hairs?) I just wish I could be a bowl of magic medical powder that could cure all the illnesses or booboos my babies could get.


April 17, 2012. Uncategorized.

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  1. ajummama replied:

    hope handsome gavin feels better! micah had the bug right before Easter then i got it Easter a.m. As Jesus resurrected, I hurled. hope you and baby G don’t catch it. you doing good, loving (stank) mama!

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