Baby Gear obsessed!!!

I just realized that I can’t go into a Babies r Us, or a Buy Buy Baby, or even Target for that matter without buying something baby related. I have no self control at these stores. I love baby gear. I wish I could have kids forever so I could just buy baby gear all the time. Looking at all the options of sippy cups, play mats, pack n plays, crib sheets and toys is crazy fun for me!!! I could be in those stores FOREVER!!! I love looking at everything. I go back an forth with stuff and even when I go in there to only pick up one thing, end up spending way to much! I don’t usually buy toys for the boys but I’m on a mission of finding wooden toys and I found something I fell in love with!! It is a Cars wooden toy set!!! They have all the characters made of wood and a track and everything! I want it more for me than for Gavin! I love looking at all the bottles, although I don’t even use any… Why is this??? Are there any other moms out there who enjoy these stores as much as I do? I got a gift card for Babies R Us and went in there with the intention of using the gift card to get Gavin a basketball hoop and ended up getting a mirror for the car, a toy set and a new gym mat for Glenn! And no basketball hoop!

If I had a bigger house I would be buying stuff all the time. Even just different stroller toys. I promise to myself I won’t go into a kid store for one month, but this is no good, because then when I do go all judgement and control stays in the car and I always end up buying way too much! And the sad part is I always forget my coupons!


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Letting a toddler be a toddler?

Talking to a mommy friend this afternoon I started wondering if I was a good mom. The reason I started wondering was because of all the moms I know, I’m the only one that doesn’t try to teach her kids school material. Ok let me explain, my husband and I decided to let our toddler be a toddler and just play all day instead of trying to structure his day and school him on things like, colors, numbers and animals and such. We want out kids to just enjoy the only time in his life where he has to worry about nothing except what toy to play with next. We figure he will know all of that stuff eventually. Well my mommy friend explained to me how she has a preschool kind of setup at her house and she tries to teach her as much as possible. In a way I was jealous, I wish I could get that motivation and take advantage of the sponge that is my toddlers brain. I sometimes envy all those kids that are about the same age and know how to identify all the colors, animals, now all the numbers and the alphabet.

Yet, I’m proud of my toddler boy, he knows all the numbers from 1 to 12 in English and 1 to 10 in Spanish. Knows a fair share of animals and foods and knows what all of his toys are called. He also loves to read books, during the day, even with the tv on, he will pick a book and make me read it about 3 times before he goes and gets another one. And before he goes to bed we read about 7 books!!! It’s exhausting! He also knows all the parts of his head. He knows: head, ears, mouth, teeth, hair, nose and eyes, he also knows hands, feet, belly, butt, and pipi! How does he know all this you ask, he learned it from his apps on the iPad. He got he iPad when he was about 5 months and we downloaded all of the Fisher-Price apps that mention the numbers, parts of the body and so on. And although is learning for him is fun. I’m not trying to be a teacher. The apps for him are a toy, if he happens to learn from it then that’s just a bonus. I do have to mention we do the numbers every time we go up or down our stairs and we do the body parts when we bathe him but that’s about it.

I’m not hating on those moms out there! I actually commend you and which I had the same will. But for real once they go to Kindergarden is over, it’s learning for the rest of their lives. They will be in school for 12 years and then more if they go to college! I wish, I could go back in time and enjoy my toddlerhood twice as much as I did. Learning as I go and playing all day long!!!

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Why this mamma can’t have expensive shi@#$!!

I have always been a low maintenance girl when it comes to the material things. I don’t expect brand name gifts and don’t really care for labels at all. But since I’ve been with my hubby he has made it a point to spoil me with them. (LUCKY you ask? maybe). But there is a big reason I don’t like labels, I’M NOT DELICATE ENOUGH TO CARRY THEM WELL!!! Let’s see! My Coach diaper bag looks like I dragged it through mud and filled it up with candy that I let melt so it would get all sticky inside!! (And no, the kids don’t touch the bag!, this is all me!!) My engagement ring has been to the jewelers about 3 times because it keeps loosing diamonds! Yeah I have no clue how the tiny things keep popping off. I got a pair of not-so expensive Marc Jacobs sunglasses and I have no clue where they are… And if I did have them it wouldn’t matter as I never bought a case for them and threw them in my purse so the lenses are totally scratch off. Hubby got me a Tiffany & Co. necklace last year for my birthday and it broke!!! It broke into 3 pieces! My Michele watch lost the little side thing where you change the date and my Bulova watch (which is my favorite… I love that watch) has been out of commission because I have been to lazy to bring it to the Bulova repair center (which is 20 minutes from my house) so that they can check why the battery keeps dying every month. Oh and by the way, I went to repair the Tiffany necklace and the lady said it would be cheaper to buy a new one than to fix it and sucker me bought a new one, different one, but guess what? less than 2 months old and it broke! TWO Tiffany & Co. necklaces broken! Oh I have already had to change my Pandora bracelet twice because the leather keeps coming off the clip! Talk about bad luck!¬†

I’m sorry if I sound like a snob! It is really not my intention. Anyone that knows me knows I rather buy clothes at Target and get sunglasses at the Dollar Tree so I don’t care if they get scratch or if I loose them. I live happier knowing it didn’t cost much. And to be honest I just can’t deal with the responsibility of maintaining nice things! Even my iPad looks like it has been in the war zone. The boys stroller, the Bugaboo Donkey, looks like it’s been with us for years… dirty!!! And it’s only 3 months old!

And lastly, if you have ever seen or been inside my car, you know why I can’t have nice things for real! The thing is terrible dirty! (I am ashamed but what can I do? I have no time to clean it!!!) Maybe if i stop writing this blog I can go outside and take care of it. Except I have the two boys to consider.¬†

Anyways my point is sometimes the simple things are best. Not because it’s a label means it’s a better quality or that it will last you longer. On the other hand sometimes it’s worth to spend the extra like with my Longchamp bag! (Watch my luck, it’ll break today!!)

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Return to the Motherland

When I was planning our annual vacation I wanted to take my boys to Puerto Rico, the land where I was born and lived until I was 18. Then everyone down there scared me saying it was dangerous and stuff so instead we went to Disney World. Well I guess God wanted me to go down there regardless and for reasons I will not get into on this blog I had to make the trip. It was very hard to think I had to go with the boys and without the husband. I was scared and needless to say i had many mixed emotions. The idea of reliving my previous life for a week and a half with members of my new life seemed very strange to me and leaving the husband for that long seem very un-NATURAL. And yes, I have gone away before but only to Virginia which is a car drive away, not 5 hour flight over the Atlantic.

My mixed emotions made me all crabby the week before. I got this super bitchy attitude because, bottom line I really didn’t want to go. I told my mom and husband I didn’t want to go because I was scared of crime down there and because I was scared of seeing what my house had become. There are also other things I was scared of like seeing my aunt, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. I was scared of ¬†everything I would feel when I got off the plane. The last time I was there was in 2009 and my parents were still living there. They moved to Virginia 2 months after I was there then.

So here we go. There are other things I can’t explain in detail but my Puerto Rico visit turned out to be a very pleasant vacation. It was so nice and exciting to have my family meet my boys! Only my grandparents had met the older on… This was the first time anyone meet the baby… I definitely felt at home. I felt a sort of peace while I was down there, although my mom can tell you I was still pretty worried about the crime and stuff. I was paranoid about being on the road at 7pm driving from Ponce (south coast) to San Juan (north coast), mind you this is about an hour drive! I got to my grandparents house Tuesday night and it was nice, before i even took the suitcases out of the car my boy was already in the pool enjoying the water. Seeing my baby in that pool reminded me of when me and my siblings were little and went in that very same pool, we celebrated birthdays, holidays, and spent many Sunday afternoons just hanging out. Now it was all different. I live in New York, in an apartment that is not even close to the house I grew up in, I have two boys that are fully Americanized. And then as I woke up from my daydream of past memories, everyone was going to bed. And there I was in a room where I hadn’t slept in since I was a toddler, with my very own toddler hearing the Coquis serenade me to sleep. And yet the only thought in my mind at that very moment was “I can’t check my Facebook for 9 days!”.

Wednesday we drove south to meet the other side of the family. I was not ready to see this side. As soon as I got there it was amazing to see how my boys just mingled with everyone. People they had just met, in a place they had never been before. And the best part was when Gavin met my aunt who is sick. He gave her so much love it was incredible! He just hugged her and hugged her. And I had to be so strong. I have no idea how I did it. I just wanted to cry when I saw her. She is so strong and so brave. We were there for a couple of days and they met everyone. All my uncles and cousins and spent time with their great-grandparents! On Friday we drove back north and we meet other family memebers. Went to dinner and went to sleep. Saturday we saw my godmother and Sunday went to the beach! This was the best day! I always wanted my boys to go to the beach for the first time in Puerto Rico. There is nothing like the water surrounding that Island. At first it was a bit challenging. Gavin hated the hot sand. And the waves crashing wasn’t his thing, but after 10 minutes both of them were in the water like it was part of their DNA. They just enjoyed the sun, the water, the sand, the breeze, and the people. It was a great culture immersion for them. This was their mommy’s life before NY. This was mommy’s happy place. The beach. There is something about it. Calming.

The rest of my trip was about the same visiting family. Enjoying the heat. Except for my grandma filling up Gavin’s sippy cup with beach water (I had filled up an Aquafina bottle with beach water so that I could clean his feet up!), and him drinking it like nothing, the trip was a success. The airport, not so much. I guess he really didn’t want to leave and threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seem. Boogers, scream, tears, rolling on the floor in the security line… horrible. After we passed security he was good.

I have no lesson from this trip, except one detail, never travel with two boys and no dad! My mom was amazing help but these kids really wanted their dad and they made it a point to let me know.

I didn’t see any friends on my trip which was sad but it wasn’t the purpose to begin with so I was ok with it. On the other hand stepping into what used to be my house made me very icky inside. I didn’t bring the boys with me because I didn’t want them to see me cry. Seeing the place where I grew up all empty and abandoned made me think of so many things. To be honest I still haven’t collected my thoughts around it. Anyways I know I write a lot of but I don’t like to edit because then I delete things and stuff and well I want this to be me. Talking to my best friend. So there. Puerto Rico was an awesome time. It was literally a week and a half of just family!

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