May the Force be with me… Even past MAY!

It’s been a while since I have jotted down anything. May has been a beast. Emotionally, physically, in every single aspect of life. It has brought new challenges as well as new adventures, and it has taught me that life is just full of unexpected blessings.

It started with me leaving Facebook for what lasted maybe a week! I wanted to spend more quality time with myself instead of with the newsfeed. This brought some challenges as I missed some events that were in the calendar. I made my own calendar anyways and decided that we would do something fun every weekend in May.

There was three Baby Expos for me to attend. The Queens Mamas Expo, The NY Baby show , and the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower (an event I look forward to the whole year). If you are wondering why I like to go to these events, there is a simple answer, I LOVE BABY STUFF!!! I am obsessed with strollers, and bottles, and carriers, and baby toys. There is always something new and exciting to look forward to. It makes me want to keep having babies so I can keep having all these things! Seriously I have a problem. I have individual details on these events that I will post later on.

Gavin had baseball and there was Mother’s Day weekend. This Mother’s Day was so special. I got to spend it with the two most important moms in my life, my own mother and my sister. We had such high quality, amazing family weekend, with activities that included the zoo, shopping, Smorgasburg, and lots of picture taking! It was very special as my sister and I once again find ourselves in the same predicament.

May also let me see some old friends, that I have missed dearly, and it was full of birthdays and party fun. From first birthdays to engagement parties, we had a little bit of everything going on. I also got to spend an amazing weekend with my siblings. We see each other maybe once a month but my parents are always there. This time around, due to a family death, my parents were away and the 5 of us were “alone”. Of course, my sister had her 3 kids, I had my 2 and the dog and my brother had his dog. We ate, we talked, we shopped, we just had a great time. To me this is important because I know so many people that don’t have siblings or if they do, they don’t have the same relationship that I have with mine, and I think it is such a blessing for us. During that time we had lunch at a little food truck in Woodbridge, VA. This food truck had the most amazing Puerto Rican food I have ever had outside of the Island. The 2 hours we spent there, felt like we traveled not only in time but also we were back in our Island, we were just hanging out somewhere close to the beach, with a nice breeze and the sun shinning down. (All this sounds so corny, but even though we fight, ALOT, we are incredibly close, MAYBE TOO CLOSE!!)

As I look forward to June, which except for the death of my great-great aunt, has been amazing, this is shaping up to be an incredible year. Glenn is still cancer free, and our boys are growing into incredible little people, we are excited for the adventures we have had and the new ones coming up. Puerto Rico here we comeeeee, SWAGGER WAGON we will come get you really soon, and meeting the new member of our family. Come December our adventures will multiply!

June is looking good, I am ready to celebrate my 31st birthday. Which will be, I have to add, my third birthday pregnant! And yes I know it’s crazy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Let the craziness begin.

Pregnancy announcement3


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Letting a toddler be a toddler?

Talking to a mommy friend this afternoon I started wondering if I was a good mom. The reason I started wondering was because of all the moms I know, I’m the only one that doesn’t try to teach her kids school material. Ok let me explain, my husband and I decided to let our toddler be a toddler and just play all day instead of trying to structure his day and school him on things like, colors, numbers and animals and such. We want out kids to just enjoy the only time in his life where he has to worry about nothing except what toy to play with next. We figure he will know all of that stuff eventually. Well my mommy friend explained to me how she has a preschool kind of setup at her house and she tries to teach her as much as possible. In a way I was jealous, I wish I could get that motivation and take advantage of the sponge that is my toddlers brain. I sometimes envy all those kids that are about the same age and know how to identify all the colors, animals, now all the numbers and the alphabet.

Yet, I’m proud of my toddler boy, he knows all the numbers from 1 to 12 in English and 1 to 10 in Spanish. Knows a fair share of animals and foods and knows what all of his toys are called. He also loves to read books, during the day, even with the tv on, he will pick a book and make me read it about 3 times before he goes and gets another one. And before he goes to bed we read about 7 books!!! It’s exhausting! He also knows all the parts of his head. He knows: head, ears, mouth, teeth, hair, nose and eyes, he also knows hands, feet, belly, butt, and pipi! How does he know all this you ask, he learned it from his apps on the iPad. He got he iPad when he was about 5 months and we downloaded all of the Fisher-Price apps that mention the numbers, parts of the body and so on. And although is learning for him is fun. I’m not trying to be a teacher. The apps for him are a toy, if he happens to learn from it then that’s just a bonus. I do have to mention we do the numbers every time we go up or down our stairs and we do the body parts when we bathe him but that’s about it.

I’m not hating on those moms out there! I actually commend you and which I had the same will. But for real once they go to Kindergarden is over, it’s learning for the rest of their lives. They will be in school for 12 years and then more if they go to college! I wish, I could go back in time and enjoy my toddlerhood twice as much as I did. Learning as I go and playing all day long!!!

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