2012 Babies

When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, total surprise, thanks to a honeymoon, I started telling people. At first I was super excited and then shock came to me and I didn’t want to tell anyone. Only our family knew and a selected group of newly acquainted fellow mammas. When we came out of the closet, for real “12 weeks-safe zone” and told everyone else, all I heard was “OMG, you guys are crazy” “Wao, Gavin just turned 1”, “How are you going to do it with two babies?” All these questions that I had no clue were important to anyone but me, yet I hadn’t asked them to myself. I have one friend who with her 3 under 3 kids, encouraged me and said “it will be ok, and you will love it!” 

Almost a year later and I can’t believe the amount of babies being born! Almost like a tsunami of pregnancies taking over. It is the baby invasion of 2012. I didn’t really think it was possible for this to happen. I have a group of moms, who I have known for about a year and change and we all have 2010 babies, and most of them have a 2012 baby in the oven, or just came out of the oven… I can’t explain how exciting it is to know that I won’t be alone, but must admit it sucked to be the first one, kind of doing it all by yourself. It’s interesting to see how sometimes we change our mind about stuff, even something so big like having a baby right away after the first. 

I know people judge us, me and my husband. We have an almost 22 month old and an almost 4 month old, and our schedule is beyond crazy and we’re “young”, but you know I don’t care what people think. I think our baby is the best thing that happened to us. About 3 weeks ago I was walking into a Target with the hubby and the two boys. The old one on the cart and the baby in the carseat, a gentleman looked at the kids and then looked at us and said “huh double trouble” to which I replied “double the fun”. Although I know he was joking it still pissed me off that he commented that. Is like yeah, their young, and their boys so what. I took it to heart and realized that people are negative around you. Like all those questions I got asked when I told everyone I was expecting. 

Why do you care? Are you in my house taking care of them? Am I complaining to you about how hard it is? (I might complain to my husband ;), but that’s another story) Are you going to pay my bills? Honestly you don’t even know my kids to know if they will be trouble! 

I understand peoples curiosity but I don’t understand the negativity, this coming from an extremely negative person!!! 

Anyways I digress! It’s exciting to see and know my journey the second time around won’t be lonely. Plenty of mammas will be there going through the same things I am, maybe a little earlier, or later, still the same sentiment. And in parenting (especially stay at home moms) there is no better bond than understanding. So welcome babies of 2012!!! I selfishly await to meet all of you and have little baby G have play-dates with you all! 


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11 yrs and 2 kids later!

Here is our kiss at the top of El Yunque Rain Forest in Puerto Rico


The story of how waiting pays off!

Sitting in a dorm room hallway, all dressed up like I’m about to go party it up, hanging with my sis and my bestie at the time, trying to get the attention of this baseball player and nothing. Then comes Shaft, wearing pajama pants, moccasins, and Baseball is Life t-shirt, holding a basket of dirty laundry!

S-“How are you girls doing?”

Me- “Aren’t you in my Classical Origins Class?”

S- “Yeah, it’s a good class, right?”

Me- “I hate that class, I don’t even it have the book for it, can I borrow yours?”

S- “yeah, come get it any time” And a huge smile!

This was our first conversation ever, April 10th 2001. And what can I say I was hooked on this person that seemed to be like a drug!

We officially didn’t go on a date until the end of May, right before I went back home for the summer. Where did he take me? Well we had seen the movie Fools Rush In, which is kind of a good representation of our crazy love affair at the time- hispanic girl, New Yorker guy. He took me to Gray’s Papayas on 72nd. And then we sat in front of the Planetarium and ate the hot dogs! I will never forget. It was one of the simplest most romantic things we have ever done.

And then I left and I had no idea what would happen, but when I came back for the fall semester, we were infatuated even more with each other. We were attached at the hip, got pretty serious and soon everyone knew about us. We because that couple! Like Zack and Kelly, where everyone wants Zack and all the girls hate Kelly. (And If I must add, I was quite hot at the time!) Of course, not everything was perfect, we were young, having long distance periods (Christmas-Summers) But through everything we just couldn’t help coming back to each other. Many talks about getting married but nothing really concrete, yet deep down we both knew it was kind of over and we were it for each other. And then he left, he graduated, May 2003, very sad… even  more sad was that I was going back home and he would go to Minnesota for school. I cried a lot. I couldn’t believe that it was the end, I didn’t know if we would make it. We tried to make it work, and it sort of did. I graduated May 2004 and we were pretty together when I went back home that summer, so together I had to find a way to come back to NY. He came to visit me in PR that August! He surprised me and I will never forget he looked so Hot! Orange polo shirt, jeans, and his favorite Mets hat! Oh and a puca necklace, which believe it or not is in some box in the attic. We had a great weekend! And them I went to the recruiter and said I will enlist in the Coast Guard if you can guarantee I will be within 4 hours driving distance to NYC. So my first choice was Babylon, NY (I had no idea where this fucking place was, but I figured it was my last name so it had to be cool!) And to my lovely surprise my love had started his job which turned out to be 15 minutes from mine! I really think it was destiny that allowed that to happen.

So we stuck together, always talking about getting married but kind of also dealing with different lifestyles than college. We both had shift work, so going out was hard, and we ended up finding a Dunkin Donuts that became our spot! Even the lady knew us!

December 2007 I knew I was leaving the Coast Guard, so what know we said. Well lets get married! There was no proposal, just a natural decision made! Although I did get a ring!!! 😉 To our not so much surprise parents weren’t very thrilled, but we managed and even with a lot of arguing and miscommunication in every part and a shit load of craziness we married each other on Earth Day 2008. April 22, 2008 @ around 5pm we were husband and wife and there was no turning back now. Tried for a year to have a baby but God wanted us to wait so we adopted 2 doggies (Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer!) My little Bischons that I miss dearly everyday, but after having the doggies fate played us and we got pregnant. I had the final blessing from God. I had an amazing husband, a home, and now I would be a mother.

When Gavin was born I did not thing life could get any better, yet somehow I was surprised. We went on a belated Honeymoon to Aruba and when we got back got the surprise that we were expecting again. Now here I am typing about this.

I feel like everyone that meets us, thinks we just met, because to this day we are extremely affectionate with each other. And I guess we both really love each other like that, like when we went and when we were younger and felt that kind of puppy love. Of course everything is different now, I can’t say we have the same level of romance and well the bedroom activity with a newborn is not a lot, but the bond we have can never break because of little things like that.

I can complain that he is less romantic these days, but when he is romantic, or when he looks at me a special way I still get butterflies. And to this day I am shy and I try to look good for him and I drool over how HOT I still think he is. What has he not given me? Nothing. He has given me everything! Even a sense of humor, which I didn’t have! I can’t say my life is perfect but I can say it’s close. I can bitch about how much clutter we have, and how we are tired all the time, and about a million things, but I will never complain about having Gary in my life! He has carried me all these years with nothing but love, never expecting anything in return except to be loved.

I wish everyone could be as blessed. I know a lot of people think that when they get married it will be forever and they really mean it but then they get a divorce, well we are not that couple. We have a very non traditional schedule and way of life but we have a hard core traditional marriage and I love that because we know that no matter how much we get to hate each other 20 years from now, we will still be married. Although if we use our parents as examples, we’ll probably love each other more as the years go by and appreciate each other more as well.

Now I should stop, and even though the probabilities of him reading this blod all the way through are slim here it is my declaration of love.

Gary Michael:

What are the odd of meeting someone with your same initials and falling in love with them. We beat all the odds baby. Everyday I love you more and I don’t know what I would do without you. No matter how bad my day is or how angry and tired I might be, when I look at you I melt. You make me believe in fairy tales and true love. You are smart, sexy, so hot, determined, applied, did I mentioned sexy?, understanding, peaceful, happy, positive, willing, sexy, I could keep writing all night! Amazing!

Thank you for all these years of love and fun! Thank you for our children and our life. I will always love you.

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Vacation from vacation!

Every year my husband and I go on a vacation the last couple of weeks in April. We celebrate our anniversary and it’s off season everywhere!!! This year I really wanted to take the kids to my home land but everyone advise against it because ‘things are bad down there”. So where can you go on vacation with a 20 month old and a 2 1/2 month old baby?? (I wanted to take the kids, because the last time we went on vacation by ourselves we ended up getting pregnant! Thanks Aruba!!) I decided Disney World would be our best bet. I polled my friends on Facebook and most of them said it would be too much for them, we couldn’t go on the rides, he wouldn’t remember. And I thought to myself “they don’t remember their birthday but we still celebrate it!!” So we decided to go, also is not the only time we are planning to take them there. I got so scared! How would we travel for the first time with not only one kid but two! I started packing 3 days before our trip. I put a set of clothes in zip lock bags for each kid. I pack 2 sets per day! I felt ready. Scared but ready. Of course you always forget something, I forgot my toothbrush and toothpaste!

I also had every detail for our trip, so not only did i have to pack everyone, make sure i didn’t forget anything, I had to do the check in, feed the baby and hope for the best. I schedule the flight for nap time, which was the best decision I made during the whole trip. Both kids fell asleep as soon as we took off and woke up about 20 minutes before landing! We got on the bus to the resort! It was beautiful, but it was big, so there was a bit of a walk from the lobby to the room. And by this point it’s 6pm, we haven’t had any food and we were carrying both kids since noon. We were exhausted! We got to dinner and it was amazing. Next morning we get up early and the excitement to head to Magic Kingdom was making me keep going, even though my body wanted to stay in bed. We get there and had a good time until lunch… here we goo poppy started. We sit down to lunch and when we are almost done, walking out of the restaurant I feel my arm wet. Yeap, Glenn had poop and somehow it had dripped down my arm to the carrier to my pants… While walking out of the place!!! Everyone was looking at us and poopy was mustard yellow! (thanks breast milk!) I took my moms advice of bringing a bunch of extra clothes and diapers- but this mama forgot wipes! We had to go buy some inside the park. Emergency averted! We had a great day the rest of the day. Got to the room about midnight and I wanted to die! Between the heat, all the walking, and mostly carrying a 16lb baby I was exhausted!

Next day we decide to head to Animal Kingdom. This was the first time my little man met Mickey and actually said “Mic!”. He gave him the longest stare down and he walked all around to make sure it was the real thing. It was priceless to see his face and his reaction to this character encounter. And everything was awesome, we got to see Mickey, had lunch with him, and then the poop came. Right in the middle of the Buffet at Tusker House Restaurant in Animal Kingdom, both kids decided to poop and we realized we had no more wipes. Again we were lucky to have extra clothes and zip lock bags and the bathroom was friendly enough to change them. (I have no idea how we kept running out of wipes!!!)We spend the whole day at the park and then decided to head to Rain Forest Cafe for dinner. When we got there, hubby took the oldest one to change the diaper and I was waiting and waiting, he literally took like 15 minutes. When they came back, the baby was wearing different clothes and I learned that poop had gotten everywhere again! Another zip lock bag full of pooped clothes. Then the little one decides to go for it and there I go, poop everywhere!!!! He also needed a change of clothes and I just prayed that they didn’t poop again! We got to the hotel and I decided to do laundry so that the pooped clothes wouldn’t stain! Went to bed at 3am!

Woke up around 9 the next morning, got everyone ready and headed to Epcot! It was great, but we got really distracted and couldn’t really see the World Showcase section. As we are watching the fireworks, Gavin decides to poop and again (I will never buy this brand of diaper again) it came of, got everywhere! This time I didn’t have a change of clothes as he had already used it earlier. We ended up having to buy a 30$ Cars pijamas  so that he wouldn’t be naked the rest of the night.

Monday morning we decided to go check out Downtown Disney. We get in line for the water taxi, and as soon as we get in and sit down guess what happens??? Yes my big one pooped again! Thank goodness this time it didn’t leave his diaper. We went back to the hotel and chilled by the pool for a little bit. Then headed to Hollywood Studios. I do got to say, staying at a Disney Resort and having extended park hours is absolutely amazing. He got to have a dance party with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Handy Mandy, Jake from neverland pirates, Goofy, Donald, and the little Einstein’s. We were at the park until 130am!

Tuesday am we decide to go check out the World Showcase at Epcot. We had dinner at the Beer Garden in Germany where Big G decided to throw up! If you are not familiar with Beer Garden eating, they put different families in the same table! The other 2 couples on the table, probably in their late 50’s kept telling me how brave we are, and I really didn’t understand. We run back to the hotel to find out we had missed our transport to the airport. But we still made it on time to board our plane. Neither one of the kids slept the whole flight back! it was crazy.

Wednesday we decide to take a personal day and stay in pjs all day and watch tv. Thursday as we tried to get back in the grind exhaustion started to sink in. Yet at 9 pm we drove down to Virginia to spend the weekend with my family. We went to the park and had a qood time and came back Saturday.

Sunday we went to the Mets game and a BBQ in the City. Can you say tired?

But anyways I digress from my point. I kept thinking about what the couple was telling us about being brave. I understand why now. Of all the families I saw with babies they had an extra hand, a grandma, a nanny. We were alone. Just the 4 of us having a merry good old time. I must admit although it was incredibly tiring, they kids didn’t make it that way. They were amazing! They had so much fun, hardly cried, actually they only cried when they were hungry, and they paid attention to everything. We were brave because it’s not easy. The in the stroller-out the stroller to go on rides. The heat, the walking, the stopping for feedings, we did it all by ourself and I am so proud we did it. Even with all the poop, which seems to be the highlight of my story I wouldn’t change a moment at all. There are many places in the World I would like to go and to be honest I wouldn’t trade going to those places at all for this trip, even with the exhaustion included! Seeing both baby G’s look at Mickey and the Electrical Parade was priceless.

I’m ready to get back in the routine and chill out a little bit but as summer approaches I’m scared our lives will not slow down. There’s swimming, baseball, and friends to hang out with. Hopefully I won’t crash mid June!


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