The mommy perfume! Ohh la la!

Have you ever wonder how they make perfumes. It’s a bunch of people in a room picking scents from jars and putting them together. Well for me mommy perfume is a mix of all of the smells that come from your child that inevitably land on you. A couple of weeks ago as I showered I wonder if it wasn’t better just to “baby wipe” myself as I knew the moment I come out of the shower something dirty was going to land on me and make smell “special” And the thought didn’t fail. As I got ready and got the baby out of the crib he spit up all over me… my shirt, my hair, neck down to my boobs. Of course now he’s awake and so is the other one so I can’t possibly go take another shower, so I, of course, use the baby wipes. Most moms out there can agree that for some reason the scent of spit up vomit is not even a little bit mask by baby wipes!

So out I go out smelling of spit up covered up by baby wipes.

Spit up is not the only smell that ends up on mom. You also have poop. This one can end up anywhere from your hands to your face. Almost like that Sex and the City episode, where Miranda ends up with a poop stain on her forehead from a diaper change and Steve is just making fun of her. Well this happens in real life!! There is really no way to prevent it except for not doing it at all.

The third smell is a bit more “subtle” is the booger smell. If you haven’t noticed yet, smell a bit harder next time! Boogies have a life of their own, not only do they end up everywhere on your kids, they also end up on your face, your hair, clothes, hands, whatever they can find to “clean themselves”. It is interesting that some women, including myself, long for these smells before we have kids and then they come and then we don’t really like them that much.

But as I sat in vomit last night, I kind of realized that the reason we don’t like the smells is because 2 out of 3 of them signal that your baby isn’t feeling well. That something is bothering them and you can’t fix it, the only thing you can do is suck it up, clean the mess and give your child as much love as they need. And that is what I did. As Gavin vomited all over mommy last night (2 nights in a row) I took my clothes off in the living room where he vomit, sat on the couch and just hugged him until he fell asleep in my arms. And he slept so good! (I wonder, how we’re supposed to “take care of our husbands” when they come home and we smell of vomit and poop and have boogers in our hairs?) I just wish I could be a bowl of magic medical powder that could cure all the illnesses or booboos my babies could get.


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Tired? What? You can’t be tired!

So long story short, I had my 14 year old sister visiting from Virginia for her Spring Break! Let me tell you it was so nice, but what I didn’t plan out was that I would have to drive her down back to her house from NY. I also didn’t take into consideration that she would want to do “stuff” and not just sit in the couch and babysit my babies while I went on a mini self vacay! So Monday I took them all to Chuck E. Cheese, Tuesday I cleaned the house, Wensday went to the Bronx Zoo, Thrusday we cleaned some more and Friday we went shopping. Saturday I started driving at 11 am after 5 hours of trying to get everyone ready!

(THE BRONX ZOO: I swear if I was another type of mom, I would NEVER, EVER, go out again by myself with the two boys! Trip there was awesome, they both behaved and I get there and the first 30 minutes they seem alright. And then it started! Both of them simultaneously screaming in the middle of on of the food courts at the Zoo. There was nothing I could do to make them happy. The baby was fed, burped, diaper cleaned, yet he was screaming his little lungs out. I picked him up, changed his clothes and yeah still screaming. The other one was fed, diaper changed, hugged and nothing yelled!! I was mortified, I think the parents walking by must have thought I was a terrible parent, as I down my pizza in 2 bites so that I could return to try to calm them down. We started walking around the zoo and that seemed to help both of them calm down. And then we leave. I had fed the baby before we left so that he would sleep on the way back, but of course at 5:30 we hit rush hour! I heard screaming so much that I dreamt with it the rest of the night.)

It took me 3 hours to get out of NYC, with a screaming baby! Not very nice… I get to VA after 5 stops for diapers/ feedings and my parents are not at their place! So, I had to drive to where they were having dinner, had dinner, which in its self was crazy (7 adults, 1 teenager, 2 kids, 2 toddler, and one infant), and then drove back to my parents house. After I dropped off the kids i went to Walmart to buy more candy and last minute Easter stuff for all the kids, that took an hour. I got back and started packing everything and getting the eggs ready for the egg hunt. I went to bed at 2am to wake up at 6 so I could shower before anyone else, as everyone was staying over and there is only one shower!!! 

Easter morning was crazy, I was soooo tired I had no idea how I was functioning. We went had coffee and headed to the park where i must admit we had an awesome time and the kids burned a lot of energy. After the park we went to dinner where I over indulged in an Applebee’s cookie sundae which has about 42 Weight Watchers points and I also had an hour long argument with my brother about the difference between green tomatoes and tomatillos! 

Because we spent all day at the park I got allergies like a mo’fo (I never had allergies like these until I got pregnant with my first child) so I took a Benadryl. I was out in 5 minutes and I slept like a baby!!! Monday everything changed. I guess my children know when change is about to happen because as soon as we found out daddy was going down to VA  to meet us there they became unstoppable. Trip to Panera Bread was a bust… He just wanted mommy and mommy and more mommy, needless to say I ended up overeating (which is what I do when I get stressed) and loosing focus for the rest of the day. Trip to TJ Maxx was impossible, I ended up buying something that I had no need for and ran out of the store. Then decided to give it one more try, leaving the baby with granpa and just going out with the oldest one and my mom. Yeah, that didn’t go over so well either. My dad called me because the little one was crying and I could barely hear him over the older one crying at the store. And then I had to stay awake until 3:30am to go pick up the hubs at the Bus terminal. I have no idea how I made it. I was terribly sleepy. We get back and sleep until 9 (two hours later than we had planned) to get ready to drive back to NY, so my hubs could drop me off at home and he could go to work. That didn’t work so well. The boys were amazing on the trip back, they really only made us stop once, but traffic and everything else didn’t work. We got home about 5:30pm and the rest was history. The boys were good the rest of the night and I actually fell asleep at 11:30pm and I have no recollection of the rest of the night. 

Today was an ok day. Is one of those days that makes you doubt everything. Exhaustion takes over and you can’t even think or appreciate the blessings you have in front of you. 

I do got to say I am looking forward to tomorrow as we venture out to the Car Show. Image

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First Blog Ever

So, it’s 2:04 am and I am awake. The reason being I am waiting on my 9 week old baby to wake up so I can nurse him and then go to bed. It seems he doesn’t really want to wake up so I decided to start blogging as it was something I wanted to do a long time ago but always seem to find an excuse not to do it. What I want to blog about, lets see… Being a second time mom with two boys under 2. I know I’m not the first and not the last yet I would like to chronicle my crazy, funny, unbelievable mommy moments. I would also like to blog a bit about my family! Trust me when I say they are entertaining to say the least! I would also like to blog about just where I am in my life. I achieve my goal of becoming a mom and now what? Also there is an incredible amount of baby products, honestly I will try to give you the download on my favorite ones. 

Let me tell you second time around, not so easy at all. Whoever said “the first kid is the hardest because you are learning” is full of shit. (Oh yeah I curse a lot!!!) Honestly the second baby has been more hard than anything I have ever done. Everything from the pregnancy, to the labor pains, to breastfeeding, to getting things done, to thinking, to even naming them is more complicated. Why? I have no fucking clue. I just know I was and still am very, incredibly overwhelmed. There is a certain feeling of accomplishment yet uncertainty of what your life has become! With my first baby, my pregnancy was heaven. I was mostly sitting at home, reading baby books, buying baby clothes, plotting all these cute things in my head. I would take a “belly picture” every week to journal my how big I was getting. I had a pregnancy journal… the works. My labor was not what I had in mind yet everything afterwards went as planned. Natural birth, breastfeeding only took a couple of weeks for milk to come in… My second pregnancy is a blur. I hardly have any pictures, except for the last 2 months I was running around from playdate to playdate, I read nothing, I bought nothing… No pregnancy journals, nothing. Then the day came and I had a smooth delivery. Once I got home, that’s when it started labor pains that made me cry to the doctor to give me some drugs, and that’s when I became best friends with Oxycodone! Calm people, this only lasted a week! Anyways long story short, while hubby was home we were perfect, the four of us. And then he had to go to work and I was left with a very tough decision, stay home, alone with the boys or take my crew down to Virginia to have my mom help me. And so I did.

I packed the car, like I was moving down there! I got everything I could possibly need for an 18 month old and a newborn baby, I even brought the dirty laundry with me so my mom would do it! (I also really really really like exclamation points!!!!) Let me tell you, I had no clue what was in store for me! 18month old, lets name him Gavin, got a case of, I’m teething-jealous-sick with a cold-terrible 2s syndrome and it drove me CRAZY!!!! I had to deal with him screaming his head for for about 3 weeks! I also had to take him to the ER during the second week because the little stinker got a gastrointestinal infection. In the meantime the little guy was doing well until week 2 when he got a nasty cough that made me take him to the ER. It turns out because he was 22 days so they had to do everything from a spinal tap to cultures, and our life got a little crazier when they admitted him to the hospital. Luckily I was familiar and love the hospital we were at!! After 4 days we were free to go home. Diagnosis=Pneumonia! BOOOO it sucked! 

Oh btw, I was taking a college class online at the same time, needless to say I failed. Got a D. 

Yeah my only outlet became shopping. I discovered JcPenny loves me very much, because on the one day I really needed it, they have a $2 sale!!!! Yes!! I bought amazing clothes for 2 dollars!!!! I called my husband and said “Babe, I am about to do serious damage to the JcPenny card, I am depressed and they have a 2 dollar sale!!!” he replied “Go for it! Do what you have to do!” (I LOVE MY HUSBAND) And I actually really do! Even if he had said not to! After 5 hours at the same JcPenny, and 4 trips to the cars to take bags the damage was done, but I had completely forgotten my misery (both kids sick and crying at the same time).

Coming back home was not fun, and except for being with husband and my bed I did not want to come back! I got home and surprisingly I didn’t really have trouble with the boys the first week by myself with them. They seemed to have settled with me. I, on the other hand, was still shaken and every day when hubby left for work, I cried a little. 

The truth is I ALWAYS wanted to be a stay at home mom, but being home 24/7 with absolutely no break from 2 kids is kind of suffocating. Don’t get me wrong I love my life! I really do but the reality is that not having adult interactions can definitely get to you as a mom. And crazy thing is, the adult interaction you do get is to talk about the kids!! It never ends! I think I have to stop for now because it’s 2:39 and because the baby is still sleeping I need to do the one thing I hate the most about breastfeeding, which is pumping. 

Alright I hope you all enjoy and give me some positive-negative feedback. I’m new at this so be nice!! 

Thanks for reading! 

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