Busy Bee

Never realized how much I do in a day and I never really keep a schedule. With the Avon Walk creeping up I started a calendar for September and October and wholy Moly there is so much going on. September included birthdays, lots of playdates, baby showers, and a trip this coming week to MD. And add to that school! October is looking the same!!! Baby showers, birthdays (3 of them!!!), Halloween, playdates, another trip to MD, and two very important events the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the Ultimate Baby Shower by City Moms!!!

So let me explain. I have been getting ready for this Avon Walk since the beginning of the summer. I made this walk my goal when I turned 30, not only because I was turning 30 and wanted a goal to achieve but because my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I decided to sign up I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Fundraising, 1,800$, walking 39.30 miles, 2 days without my babies, sleeping in a tent I Randall’s Island in NY. It does not look like a fun filled weekend! But I M committed and so excited for that moment to come!!! I’m going to think about all the women that have to go through chemotherapy, radiation, mastectomies, me walking those miles is nothing compared to their struggles. I just hope people cooperate with me and donate to the cause so I can walk.

Now the ultimate great I have for the year, besides birthing my son is the opportunity to attend the Biggest Baby Shower by a group called Big City Moms. This is no ordinary baby shower!!! This is the yep of baby shower where you need someone to help you carry out all the stuff. And for a person who is super obsessed with baby gear this will be like heaven!!!! I got my ticket about a month ago!!!! And I still have 4 weeks to go!!!! Everyday I look and stare at my ticket!!!

Anyways I’m excited for everything going on.!!!


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Finally!!! It’s about time!

I can finally say that after 7 months I’m used to having my two boys and getting things done with them. By myself with no help! I can finally say that I am not just a Coast Guard Veteran I am also a mom veteran! Being a mom of two under two (which is no longer accurate as Gavin turned two last month!)

This has been a bumpy ride. Getting used to taking two kids in/out of the house. Getting two kids ready for bed/ feeding time/ dressed. Double the amount of diapers-double the amount of poop. It has not been easy not having help. I have had people here and there, like my sister who spent a few weeks with me and it was awesome, but unlike other mamas (who sometimes I envy!!!) I have no nanny, babysitter, or in-state mom!

Yes, granted when the baby was born I ran to my mom for 4 weeks, but ever since I got back I have been on my own. It is specially hard with my husbands schedule, which is incredibly stressful shift work. So our schedule flip flops. But as summer time ends I realized I did it all by myself (of course hubby here and there).

It has been crazy- Disney World trip, Puerto Rico trip, many playground mistakes, Gavin’s birthday party!! I can finally handle a playground with the two boys by myself. I can go shopping with the two of them by myself! Dare I say even a lunch outing!!! I guess what they say is true, once you get use to it, it becomes second nature. I have to be honest I still dread bath/bedtime!

A run down of my typical days now:

9:30 wake up

10:00-10:30 breakfast.

11:30 nurse baby and put down for 15 minute nap (I still don’t know why he won’t nap more? Maybe cause his brother keeps pulling on him to go play?)

12:00 Get snacks ready for walk/outing

1:00 Leave the house (we will do anything, walk, mall, playground, museum, zoo!)

5:00 Get home- rest for a bit

6:00 Dinner

6:30 Play time

7:00 Bath time

8:00 Book/ bed time

9-10 Babies out

10-11 Dishes/ laundry

11- Shower

11:30-1:00am Homework

1: to whenever computer work

Today we did two parks. And mind you still exclusively breast feeding 7 month old!

I do have to say I’m glad I have boys, cause God forbid I had to brush a girls hair and pick her outfits!!! I would never leave! Of course I still have trouble balancing my housework but I do have to say I am proud. I really didn’t know if I would be able to do it. Yes there have been and there will be days where I will want to pull all my hair out. But most likely that same day at one moment, I will look at my boys and realize how blessed I am. Even if they drive me crazy at times! Seeing them interact and how much love they give each other and how much love they give me, makes up for any diarrhea/vomit/fever/tantrum throwing day.

Finally I also learned sometimes is better not to give/ask for advice. Sometimes we just have to learn things on our own. From now on when people ask, how I do it, my reply will be: it doesn’t matter how because I just do it. And in the end that’s what really matters.


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Walking for something!


Why am I walking?

I am walking for my aunt.

I am walking for the millions of women and men who get diagnosed with breast cancer everyday.

I am walking for the millions of women and men who cannot afford treatment of cancer.

I am walking for the millions of people who will die of cancer.

I am walking so that I can make a difference in someones life!

I am walking to raise money.

I am walking to create awareness.

I am walking because I want to do something good!

Please walk with me! You can do it symbolically by donating to the cause, or you can literally walk with me on October 20, 2012. If you can’t walk with me then you can walk and keep me company on my training walks! Everyday I am walking somewhere close to the neighborhood to train for the 30+ mile walk in October! Only 47 days to go!!!

Join me! Help ME!! Help the other women and men who will walk, who will fight against this ugly disease!

Thank you so much in advance!


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