Number One

To my first born child:

Trying to get pregnant was hard. At least I thought it was hard, in all honestly now I know that not getting pregnant for 4 months is perfectly normal. I was convinced something was wrong, so we stopped trying. I told your dad that since we couldn’t get pregnant, then I needed to adopt a pet, we got some goldfish… They were 14 cents at Walmart. Of the 10 we got, one survived for a whole year! He got so fat we changed his name to Fatty! In the mists of this we went to Atlas Park and stopped by a pet shelter. Bobby and the Strays. We didn’t mean to adopt a dog that day, long story short we left with two Bischon-Poodle mixed dogs, we named them Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer. They were super cute and it was a relieved to have them home.

December 20,  your uncle was visiting and he ask me to get a pregnancy test because I was so emotional, and so I did. And guess what?? You were in mami’s belly!! It took me 2 days to go to the VA (Veteran’s Hospital in Brooklyn), Grandma one and uncle were there. They draw my blood and later that afternoon they confirmed that you were going to join us in 9 months!

I was working at John F. Kennedy International Airport at a store called IS International Shops. I worked at Terminal 3 which was Delta and Terminal 8 which was American. I decided to quit so that I can spend time with you, even when you were in my belly. It was amazing to make your Grandma Mimi cry of happiness on Christmas Eve when we told her that you were going to make her a grandma.

The pregnancy was the most amazing feeling ever. I spent a lot of time on the couch, resting, I read you books, listen to music, preparing your things. I couldn’t wait to meet you but I really LOVED feeling your little kicks inside my belly. It was beyond the most emotional experience ever.  Your due date was August 29, 2010.

Saturday August 7th was the baby shower. It was here at home in the patio, with the most important people to us. It lasted all day and I remember so many things happened that day like our room was locked and grandpa had to break the door handle! Anyways the last guest left at midnight. I took a shower and went to bed. BUT, just a little bit after 2am I started feeling some pain that was very suspicious. At this point I was 37wks and didn’t really know what a contraction felt like. I decided to head to the emergency room to get checked out. We were there until 4am but with only 3cm dilated and no contractions they sent us home.

Sunday, everyone went home (your grandpa, grandma, uncles were here for the baby shower). We went to a birthday party and I was feeling really good. The doctor called me to check up on us and asked us to go to the hospital at 7am on Monday to make sure everything was good.

We got to the hospital that Monday feeling great. When they examined me I was at 4-5cm. So the doctor said “this baby is going to be born today”. She started Pitosin right away to start the contractions. I called grandma and told her to come to the hospital (she got on the 8am bus from VA to NY).  I started feeling the pain but was too focus trying to finish my economics final online! The nurses kept telling me to get the Epidural, but I refused. Around 3pm, they were having problems feeling your heartbeats so you got an internal monitor attached to your head (that’s the scar you have!)

I was playing with the computer, checking Facebook and finishing my exam while contractions kept increasing. I couldn’t wait for grandma to get to the hospital. I was hungry and the pain was getting really intense. Nurses kept asking me to get the Epidural and I refused, so they kept increasing the Pitosin. Grandma finally got the hospital about 6pm and I felt in heaven. I could finally relax and have you, but you weren’t ready. It wasn’t until 10:39pm and 15 minutes of pushing that you came out. It was the most magical moment, your dad cut the umbilical cord while grandma took pictures of things she shouldn’t have!

Your weight was 5lbs 14oz. Your height was 20″ and you were just beautiful. After you were born they took you away for what seem forever. They didn’t bring you back to me until like 3am, which pissed me off so much, it did give me time to eat (first meal after pushing you out was Wendy’s). We were in the hospital for 3 days and to take you home grandma got you and outfit that was blue, so cute.

I will never forget every moment, but of course we never know how our memory will work, therefor, I wanted you to know how everything happen, just in case I can’t tell you myself. Anyways I love you and I hope that you can pass down your story to your kiddos when they come, if they do.

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2013 Year END Review!

Thank God another year has come and gone. 2013 was a complete emotional roller coaster. There were many celebrations as well as many disappointments. But there was always love and laughter through it all.

January was extra special! We celebrated Glenns’ first birthday, which after 2012 and his cancer diagnosis was beyond special to be able to sing Happy Birthday to him and see him celebrate with all his friends. It was an unforgettable moment for this mama.

February was a blur. Besides MRI’s and doctors appointments I can’t remember much of it. I guess a special thing that happened in February was that I was added to the Mom Cave. This Facebook, online group has been my entertainment ALL Year. And through it I was able to meet some Puerto Rican mamas here in NY!

March was super, extra special. When Gary and I were trying to have babies and couldn’t we decided to adopt a doggy. We ended up adopting two. Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer. Two weeks later we found out that I was pregnant with Gavin. We gave away Jack to a nice family and kept Chuck. But when Gavin was born Chuck became very jealous and we decided that the babys safety was first so we gave him to another family. Well in March, our friend Ronald sends me an add of a dog who looks just like Chuck and has the same name and is up for adoption at a shelter in Brooklyn. When I saw the picture I started crying, we went to see the dog the next day and came home with him. Can you believe it was our dog!!!??? Yeah, what are the odds of that!? It was Easter Weekend, so it was definitely special that we were able to recuperate him. He is such a good dog, a needy dog, but a good dog.

April was a biggie! Gary and I celebrated 5 years of married life, and 12 years together. We also found out that our family would be growing come the New Year (EDD 1/1/14)! A third baby! (By the way, I’m still in a bit of shock!)

May was full of birthday parties and fun in the sun. Trying to hide a pregnancy third time around was very, very, very, very, hard! It was hard to wear clothes, as I started to show very quickly, and it was hard to avoid people. I wanted to wait the 12 weeks to let my little secret out.

June started out on a sour note with the death of my great aunt. But it was also great because I was finally able to announce our pregnancy, which I did on my birthday, which also was the day I conquered one of the biggest challenges of my life. Traveling pregnant with 2 toddlers!!! We spent the most amazing time in my home Island. It was the first trip I took the boys sightseeing and they enjoyed every minute of it.

July was full of summer fun, still in Puerto Rico, and a trip to MD and VA.

August was full of surprises and new adventures. My first born turned 3, which is crazy! I still can’t get over that. We took our first trip to the lake. We finally got to go to our friends country house, and I was surprised of how much fun we had in 3 short days. Came back from PA with bleeding, which took me to the hospital for a possible miscarriage. Thankfully everything was fine and baby was growing healthy. On August 19th, we found out we were expecting a GIRL!!! OMG, everyone was going to flip out. It was also a hard month, as my MIL was away in the Philippines and we had no babysitting! August also included a wedding for a special friend. And I still remember vividly how I cried during the vows, while the groom cried! We also had another trip to VA-MD and to finish the month right we traded in the 2009 Mercedes-Benz R350 (my dream car) for a 2013 Toyota Sienna (my new favorite car!!!).

September started with another wedding of another dear friend! My mother in law came back from her trip very sick, so sick she spent a night in the hospital (she is back to herself, thanks to God). Of course September always brings back so many sad memories from 9/11, but it turned around when my nephew was born!!! He is the chunkiest, cutest baby ever (aside from my own!)

October was took us back to VA-MD. These trips are like a drug to me! They give me a chance to be with my parents and my siblings, but also make me miss my home and NY. October also took my brother to the West Coast, thanks to the NAVY. And well HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I was finally able to get my boys costumes in time!

November included lots of birthdays! Including my sisters, my MIL and my amazing hubby. During this month was my second trip to the ER with an incredible pelvic pain. Again my baby was healthy and well. November also marked the first anniversary of Glenn being CANCER FREE! And a year since surgery. I also spent a great time thanks to my mama friends treating me and showering baby G3 with a shower (I’m still dreaming of the brunch buffet!). Thanksgiving was great as the whole family (my side and hubby’s side) got together for the first time in a LONG time!

December: OH December! You changed my life! My baby sister turned 16 on the 1st. 37 weeks and I have to go to the hospital again, due to pain on my pelvis (which turns out is SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction)). There were birthdays to celebrate and parties to attend. We spent a night at the Museum of Natural History for their members only family Christmas party (so much fun!!) and of course our traditional trip to Macy’s Santaland! Contractions every other day were TORTURE! Christmas was extra special, as all the cousins were together! And it also marked the last family portrait we took as a family of 4. And then of course the birth of my beautiful baby Grace on the 27th! New Years spent trying to get a picture of the kids and enjoy every minute of it.

So there it is. It was good, some of it was bad. But can’t picture it any other way.

Bring it 2014, we’re ready- well not really, but too late to turn back!

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